Bộ hiển thị đa năng Rongde RDCP6/RDCP12

Rongde RDCP6/RDCP12 Marine multi-function indicator

The Rongde RDCP6/RDCP12 multifunction display can simultaneously monitor 8/15 of the simultaneous 4~20mA input Analog signal channel. The device is often used in thermoe dynamic alarm monitoring systems such as level alarm, temperature alarm, pressure alarm, flow alarm … The most common system using this module is the pressure alarm and monitoring system, the pressure of the cargo. The RDCP12 module has the same functionality as the RDCP6 Module but has a maximum number of channels of 15 channels.

Rongde RDCP6/RDCP12 All-in-One Display

  • Power voltage: AC110V/220V, DC24V
  • Maximum number of channels allowed: 8~15 Channels
  • Input signal: Analog series signal 4~20mA
  • Display Range: 0.00~99.9
  • Communication Protocol: RS485
  • Installation: flush type
  • Target capacity: <10W
  • Contact capacity: <10W AC220V/2A

Rongde RDCP6/RDCP12 All-in-One Display Feature

  • Monitor multiple channels at the same time, self-check system errors, check for alarm errors yourself.
  • Self-check and report feed errors
  • RS485 Communication Connection Protocol
  • Scale can be installed using software
  • Have extended function keys
  • Can set values, alarm thresholds for multiple channels
  • Type approved by CCS registry

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