Thiết bị giám sát nhiên liệu tiêu hao cho tàu biển RD-1000

Rongde RD-1000 – Consumable fuel monitoring equipment for seagoing vessels

Features of RD-1000:

  • Fuel supply requirements
  • Consumable fuel analysis
  • Storage of data consumption
  • Storage of ship information


  • Monitor and store ship data in real time.
  • Stored and sent data is formatted according to standards and unified. Suitable for all vessels in the requirements for processing fuel data consumption Depending
    on the time of installation, the data will be aggregated and sent to the management place in batches.
  • Can display and print simple reports, suitable for on-site control and adjust the necessary parameters to save fuel.
  • Real-time diagnostic analysis and sampling status display ensure the system is handled quickly when problems arise, making operation safe and efficient.
  • Friendly, easy to use

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