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Rongde Fixed Water-based Local Application Fire-fighting System for Ship / Vessel

About Rongde RDFF

  • The machine chamber mist fire extinguishing system is a fire fighting product for modern seagoing vessels, in accordance with SOLAS regulation II-2/7.7. It has fast start characteristics, good fire resistance and low water consumption. And it can extinguish or control fire in time without the need to shut down, evacuate employees, turn off ventilation fans or seal space. It is mainly used where there is a high fire risk, fast spread rate, danger and large losses. For example, machine storage spaces such as engine booths, boilers, fuel storage areas, and other flammable areas.
  • Shanghai Rongde was one of the first companies involved in equipment development. The device is designed in accordance with IMO standards such as MSC/Cir.913, MSC/Cir.668 and others. The device includes the main alarm panel, hand control panel, expansion sign, mist water nozzle, smoke detector – fire alarm, sound alarm, local release box, pumping station, pump and pipe control panel, valves, accessories.
  • There are three control modes: automatic, by hand, and emergency. In automatic control mode, the command will be activated by the fire alarm; in manual control mode, commands will be sent out from the main alarm panel; The emergency mode will be controlled by the pump panel and the hand-controlled valve.

Features of fire extinguishing system mist chamber machine

  • Capacity 1.5L/min/m2, so water damage will be minimized
  • Long firefighting time due to water-saving use
  • Effective fire control
  • Effective firefighting by lowering the temperature to below the flash point
  • Provide optional PLC or PCB key alarm panel
  • Registered for approval: CCS, LR,EC

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