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Rongde Engine room’s parameters monitoring system

The RDMS (E/R Monitoring and Alarm Equipment) system is installed in the machine room, automatically monitoring the working status of the main and secondary machines. The system displays working status in the machine room center, prints reports, analyzes errors and alarms, broadcasts error signals and alarm signals, transmits data through the internet, and prolonged alarms. The system consists of sensors, hardware aggregate data collection and software. A lot of parameters such as temperature / pressure / relay signal are detected by the sensor and transmitted to the central computer through data collection hardware.

Features of machine room monitoring system:

  • Use the data collection module of “RONGDE” RDDS or “SIEMENS” PLC
  • Monitor thousands of physical parameters simultaneously and other full, shallow signals.
  • Allows receiving a variety of temperature/pressure/speed/relay signals…
  • Multiple real-time charts, graphs, data history, and others
  • Multi-channel features, search, user interface
  • Support for backup communication, high-reliability backup system
  • Fast, independent response time for each channel
  • Multiple alarm status data and events
  • Decentralize control
  • CCS-approved registry

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