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YQJ Portable Tank washing / cleaning Equipment

Portable cargo tunnel washing equipment is a form of lightweight mechanical equipment, used to clean cargo bunkers on oil tankers and chemical tankers. The device operates simply, easy to use, easy to maintain, small size, light weight. It is possible to optionally have a fixed mounting type or a mobile type carried from one vault to another. The option of the type of stainless material is copper or stainless steel.

Model Options:

YQJ B(Q)-50

  • Weight: 6.7kg
  • Working temperature: From ordinary to 80°C

YQJ B(Q)-60

  • Weight: 8.3kg
  • Working temperature: From normal to 80oC

Note: The dynamic pressure refers to the impact pressure made by the water column when striking the pressure block continuously. The effective range refers to the water shot range of the washing machine when the dynamic pressure of the Water column is≥7 KPa.

Description of the bunker washing equipment:

Try the safe washing equipment in the factory tank

Image of safe washing equipment:

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