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Yatai High velocity pressure vacuum relief valve for Cargo hold

Application of High Speed pressure / vacuum Valve (Breathing Valve)

  • Crude oil tanker
  • Finished tanker
  • Tankers / Chemicals
  • Floating Production and Storage Offloading (FPSO)

(Oil production and storage industry at sea – Oil and gas company )

  • Oil transporter for exploitation and distribution for petroleum depots
  • Petroleum storage and petrochemical refining products

Benefits and Certificates – certificate

Benefits: In addition to preventing pressures on hulls and bunkers due to increased or decreased pressure during the in and out of the tank, liquid containers (also known as the receiving/returning of petroleum at factories oil refining and petroleum depots). Iso standards are designed to prevent in flames inside the cargo bunkers. This is subject to IMO MSC/Circ regulations. 677/1009, ISO 15364 and USCG steam control system (46 CFR.39-20.11 & 162.017).

The principle of rapid breathing valves

Rapid breathing valve is a product that does not need strong impact, fixed, does not condensate, does not cause corrosion to the cargo bunkers when operating at sea with simple animation and design with advanced techniques

Distinctive features

  • Significantly reduce pressure during receiving/paying (gasoline), ballast and temperature changes
  • Preventing seawater from entering the ballast tank
  • protect from the penetration of air
  • High-speed air/exhaust

Rapid breathing valve image

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