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Rongde Impressed current cathodic protection system

Introduction of ICCP Hull Anti-Corrosion Equipment

  • Although most modern vessels are covered with one or more layers of outer shell paint for corrosion resistance. But this solution has not completely resisted the whole natural corrosion, friction, construction and chemicals. Therefore, current vessels are often equipped with the active hull anti-corrosion system “Impressed current cathodic protection system”.
  • The system works relatively simply by mounting electrolys in certain positions on the hull, these electrolys will be connected to the control cabinet. Here, the electric current that leads to the outside of the hull helps to resist the corrosion of natural electrolytization on the underwater hull.

Features of Rongde hull anti-corrosion system

  • Reconciliation of parameters such as speed, coating thickness, amount of water stretch…., self-regulating current system
  • Reduce roughness compared to mounting anti-corrosion zinc sheets, which saves fuel when exploited.
  • Reduce maintenance time, improve exploitation efficiency.
  • Usable for most ship sizes

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