Van kín khí (khóa hơi) cho thước đo dầu

Gastight valve (vapor lock) for UTI meter / Hermetic Sampler

Application of Gastight valves

Rongde Model CDV airtight valves are used to match the gauge of oil and water (oil gauge) and airtight sampling equipment in the cargo cellar. This valve is often used on tankers, chemical tankers, petroleum depots and on rigs.

Use in combination with the oil gauge UIT-200

Airtight valve construction

  • 1st floor: Valve cover, used to close the valve head protection and keep hygiene when not tested
  • 2nd floor: 1inch quick coupling head used with oil gauge (water oil gender meter)
  • 3rd floor: 2inch quick coupling head used with RDHS-01 sampler airtight sampling device
  • 4th floor: Non-48mm valve body
  • 5th Floor: Standard flange attached to measuring tube

Actual images:

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