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Rongde RDDJ Rongde – Anti-Corrosion/Fouling Device

Anti-Corrosion / Fouling Device

RDDJ-100 Specifications

  • Optional feed source: AC110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output voltage: DC12V/channel
  • Output current: 0~5A/channel (Customizable)
  • Processing capacity: 0~1900m3/h
  • Electrolyto size: Diameter=φ75~φ120mm
  • Plate electrolye size: 400L×500W×280H (mm), 500L×600L×280H (mm)

RDDJ-200 Specifications

  • Life of the electrolye chamber: >5 years
  • Feed source: AC380V~AC400V 50Hz/60Hz 3ph
  • Saltwater pumping capacity: Q=6m3/h, H=32m
  • Installation: Independent self-standing
  • Paint color: According to optional color palette
  • Protection level: IP22 (Control Area), IP54 (Electrolys area)
  • In-end pipe size: DN40,P N0.6MPa, CPVC
  • Pipe Out Size: 2×DN40, PN0.6MPa, CPVC

Actual images:

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