Công tắc báo mức kiểu phao từ Mini FC FD mini Series

Finetek Float level sensor / switch, FC FD mini Series

Mini FC FD Series is a series of mini-type float level switches that are cheap efficient and compact. As well as these buoy level switches are easy installation on small machines and in areas where there is little inside/outside the tanks where they are installed.


FC FD The series is a type of float level switch of the product line that is very compact and cost effectively. These mini-type float level switches work based on two scientific principles: floating and fromsy. Buoy part of the alarm switch The float type level is designed for the characteristic minimum fluid ratio specific weight, based on the volume and weight of the buoy. Float consists of a magnet and a fixed pile in combination with a blade switch the chick that opens or closes its electrical contact when the composition is from the float contact with piles. Chicken tongue switch reverses its state when magnet in the float moves through the pile.


  • Compact, cheap, simple design for liquid detection
  • Multiple options
  • Multiple connection types
  • Multiple-point type available


Entry application target

  • Detection of highs, lows, averages in small tanks
  • Control small size machines

Every application industry

  • Production of food drinks
  • Hydraulics
  • Maritime
  • Many other application industries

Actual images:

Introductory Videos:

Finetek FCV21QDA05B Level Alarm Switch
Finetek FD3001DE Level Alarm Switch
Finetek FD3002DE Level Alarm Switch

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