Công tắc báo mức kiểu phao lắp ngang FF Series

Finetek FF Series Horizontal Mounting Float Type Level sensor / Switch

The FF Series is a level switch specially designed for installation on the side of the tank where the direction of the float is horizontal. It is suitable for industries used with many liquids where float level switches will operate with low fluid density such as 0.25 SG


Ff Series is a series of float level switches from the side including industrial level float level switches, which certainly use the principle of buoyanism and to provide the detection of high, low and middle levels of liquid with a low magnetic range of 0.25, thus ensuring a wide range of applications and use. A change in fluid levels may correspond to the reason floats moving up or down. Switches buoy type alarm from mounting next to a combination of SPDT chicken tongue switch or switch microswitch SPDT output and available in wet material is non-steel or polyprolylene. Maritime and explosion prevention certificates are available.


  • Various types of flange and thread connection for mounting on the side
  • Stainless steel or polypropylene structure
  • Types of floats for almost any liquid
  • High temperatures can reach 350 degrees Celsius
  • Corrosion-resistant and explosion-resistant models available
  • Chicken tongue switch output or microswitch
  • Certificates for navigation


Entry destination of use

  • Detection of high, low, middle levels for applications in tanks, tanks,
  • Multiple liquids with a minimum density of 0.25 SG
  • Installation next to the tank
  • Some mounted on top with special shapes

Every application industry

  • Water/wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Maritime
  • Many other application industries

Actual images:

Introductory Videos:

Tank rib mounting sensor, standard type FF10CEQ

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