Công tắc báo mức kiểu phao từ FC FD Series

Float type level sensor / switch from Finetek FC FD Series

FC/FD The series is a series of buoys from Finetek’s point level measurement. They are designed installed on top of the devices and can report multiple levels in the tank or ket with only one installation location.


Product line buoy level switch products from FC FD Series based on two principles, buoyanty and remoteity. The floats of the switch buoy type alarm from FC FD is designed for a characteristic minimum liquid ratio (specific weight), thanks to the product and weight of the floating components.

Fruits float consists of a magnet and a fixed tube that can be combined into blade switches chickens correspond to each pghao. The chicken tongue contact opens or closes the electrical contact when the word in the floats comes into contact with the position of the chicken tongue switch in the tube. Chicken tongue switches will reverse their state when magnets are in the section floats move through the position of the chicken tongue switches in the tube. Measuring buoys FC FD Series levels are the most price-effective compared to competing technologies when many switch point is required from a single point of an ingestion point on the tank, tank, tank.


  • One-point or multiple-point options based on specific apps
  • Simple installation, high reliability
  • Cost-effective design
  • Available with explosion prevention equipment and high temperature
  • Ship certification


Entry application target

  • High, low, medium level applications for tanks and vessels
  • Many types of liquids with the smallest weight of 0.45 SG
  • Multiple switch points with one installation point

Every application industry

  • Water/wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Seagoing vessels
  • Many other application industries

Actual images:

Introductory Videos:

Float level sensor from FDEEQ3S230900C
Petrol Level Alarm Sensor – Part 1

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