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Finetek FG Series Float Type Continuous Liquid Level Measuring Sensor

General introduction

The FG Series is a continuous level-reporting device The float consists of a float and a lead pile. Buoys of size (volume, weight) based on the weight of the measured liquid. When the liquid in the tank rises or lowered, the buoy will rise or descend respectively in the detector pile. Transmits buoy-type scooping with output corresponding directly to the position of float, liquid level.


The FG Series is a continuous level measuring device buoys use the floating and from the principle of buoyanity to output power changes in response to the increase or decrease of the float on the pile. Continuous Level Measuring Equipment the float type provides output of a 3-wire 3-wire or can be equipped with a corresponding level converter to provide output of 4~20 mA (analog signal) to in which the liquid level is in which it is given. The detector pile consists of a series of all-way chicken tongue switches long measured. The arrangement of the chicken tongue switches provides both measurement options.


  • Output 4~20mA, 2 loop power cords, or 3 wire output power
  • Measurement resolution 0.25 inches (6.35mm) or 0.5 inches (12.7mm)
  • Maximum length 19.7ft (6m)
  • Measuring fluid with SG >0.45
  • Explosion-resistant, chemical corrosion and marine industries are available.

Application employ

Application purpose

  • Measurement of many liquids in tanks, tanks, tanks
  • Level control application, PLC or DSC connection output
  • Pump control or other processes.
  • Application Industries

Application Industries

  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Chemicals, petrochemicals
  • Use in marine industry
  • Oil Tank
  • Many others

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