Bộ truyền động điện – thuỷ lực kết hợp cho van EHPP-200

Marsen EHPP-200 Combined Electric – Hydraulic Actuator For Valve

Combined electric – hydraulic actuor for valve

Model : EHPP-200

General introduction

EHPP is a compact hydraulic drive controller that integrates electric motor, exhaust valve, check valve and hydraulic gear pump inside the actuor. It works with small amounts of liquid and minimizes pressure losses when transmits by increasing responsiveness and simplifying hydraulic pipes. As communication expands not only through RS232 but also RS442/485, it can communicate a wide range of industrial communication types. Therefore, users can control multiple hydraulic power supplies from a distant place according to the specified protocol. And users can track actual activity in real time by responding to the control state of the EHPP-200. Users can also control the EHPP-200 manually (manual control)

Characteristics and features

  • Significantly reduce the length of hydraulic pipes
  • Easily control valve position and monitor valve opening and closing level
  • Removal of heavy, complex equipment
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Technical Specifications

Parameters Value
Feeds220 VAC, 60 Hz/ 24VDC
Engine power0.35 Kw
Valve position shiftMin : 1/1000
Adjusted delay time0-15s (1 step 1 second)
Cyclical capacityS2: max 30 mins, S4: 5%
Explosion levelEx d IIC T4
Protection levelIP 68
Temperature-20°C – 60°C
Working pressure120 bar
Size78 x118 x171
Mass10 kg

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