Thiết bị hiệu chỉnh nhiệt độ cho tàu biển MTC-200

Marsen MTC-200 Temperature calibrator equipment for seagoing vessels

Temperature correction equipment for seagoing vessels

Model: MTC-200

General introduction

When it comes to ensuring reliable operation of industrial machines and factories, accurate temperature measurement and monitoring is necessary. Incorrect temperature measurement increases the risk of failure of machinery and equipment. Temperature is one of the most important indicators for product quality. Accurate measurement ensures consistency in product quality.

Characteristics and features

  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable and safe price


  • Temperature adjustment of seagoing equipment
  • Use of research and development in the laboratory
  • Application in inspection and inspection department in production area
  • As a standalone device for KTV for technical services

Input/Output Signals

Temperature range from 30-650◦C40-650◦C
Range resolution ( screen )0.1
Hot time max40 mins
Cold min65 mins
Temperature TestHave
Thermal tank depth155 mm
Heat tank diameter26 mm
Feeds100-200 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature0-40 ◦C
Size115 x 280 x 220
Weighing5.5 kg

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