Thiết bị hiệu chuẩn áp lực cho tàu biển MPC–200

Marsen MPC–200 Pressure calibration equipment for seagoing vessels

Pressure calibration equipment for seagoing vessels

Model: MPC–200

General introduction

Pressure calibration equipment is designed to measure the pressure of different types of pressure measuring equipment.Pressure is one of the most important factors for the quality of the product

Characteristics and features

  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable and safe price


  • Pressure / pressure calibration of ship equipment
  • Use of research and development in the laboratory
  • Application in inspection and inspection department in production area


Pressure hand pump

The name value
Medium pressure Average atmospheric pressure
Pressure range -1 bar( -950 mbar) – 40 bar
Connection processTestG 3/4 a hole, fast connection
 Test equipmentG 1/4 hole, with 1m pipe and connection cable
Protective case 220 x 105 x 63 mm
mass about 500g

 Digital Test Clock

The namevalue
pressureG 1/4 threaded outer thread
ShowLCD multifunction display, 30 x 30 mm
StructureD = 70 , H = 100, L = 30 mm
 Weight 130g
 IP Protection Level 68
Feeds3 V Battery
Accuracy± 0.5 5 of the F.S.
Strips-1 – (30) 40 bar/ 0.01

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