Hệ thống cảm biến sương dầu Model: ODM – 200

Marsen Model: ODM – 200 Oil Mist Sensor System

Oil mist sensor system Model: ODM – 200 oil mist monitoring in the engine chamber and main engine, and activate sound alarm to prevent fire and explosion


  • Machine booths, combustion chambers, pump chambers, processing rooms and other machinery rooms where the ship owner intends to install

Structure and principle of operation of the system

The ODM sensor detects the oil mist present in the air with an internal fan and sends an electrical signal to the controller, after which the controller activates the alarm.

Technical Specifications

Specification nameValue
Sensor typePressure Measurement Sensor
Sensor MaterialsSUS 316L/PTFE
Maximum pressureExcess pressure (measuring range x 2)
Measuring range-500 – 500 mbar(or user request)
Working temperature-20 – 150◦C
Accuracy±0.5 % F.S ± .
Protective caseIP 68
Explosion levelEx ia C T6
SignalAnalog signal 4-20 mA
Error issueRupture of pipes, short measuring strips
Type of substanceOil / Chemicals
ShowLCD or 7-segment display including alarm status

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