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Finetek EST120 Temperature monitoring and level measurement sensor

General introduction

The EST Series is a grain temperature monitoring system including EST110 and EST120 sensors and MMS-TLA PC Software software. EST110 only thermal sensor, EST120 temperature sensor and from a single cable. The installation is simple and works with a wire of thermal sensors. More economical than the basic heat pairing system.


The EST Series is a grain temperature monitoring product line combining two types of sensor cables, EST110 and EST120, and MMS-TLA software system. Monitoring grain temperature is needed necessary to erm the quality of cereals for a long storage period. Destruction infestation of insects and mold growth can occur and can also be detected by seeking an increase in temperature or ” hot” in the seeds in stock. EST 110 Temperature Sensor Cable For Thermal Sensor up to 30 points along the cable length, with a maximum cable length of 98m (30m). EST120 sensor cable enables particle temperature monitoring and copper continuous level measurement along the cable with a maximum length of 98ft (30). The most important characteristic of EST grain temperature monitoring system is using digital temperature sensors One wire. This makes the system a lot simpler and less expensive to install than thermometers based on cables of brands different.
Each EST110 cable requires a simple wire connection, no matter how much temperature variables exist. And the EST120 cable offers two wire RS485 MODBUS links. all cables are attached to each other using the HubLink device of we, each set can connect four EST110 cables together and provide one end out RS485 MODBUS. A single 2-wire cable is all you need to connect between HubLink devices and PCs that will run MMS-TLA, Chi lower fees, simple installation!


  • Real-time monitoring of particle temperature to avoid damage
  • No.1 wire temperature sensor
  • Single Level /Temperature Monitoring Cable (EST120)
  • Maximum cable length 98.5ft (30m)
  • Number and location of temperature sensors
  • Simpler and lower installation costs using digital, wired or wireless technology
  • User interface with remote monitoring PC software


Entry app ride

  • Multi-point temperature monitoring to support grain quality management
  • Measure temperature and level in a single cable

Every application industry

  • Agricultural
  • Food and cereal processing
  • Particle distribution

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Built-in temperature and level sensor for Silo

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