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Finetek EE Series Measurable Continuous Level Measurement System

General introduction

The EE300 Series is a mes electro-meer e-type using the most modern technology of the 3rd generation with fruit technology and cables for periodically measuring levels of stored liquids and solid goods in storage. Continuous level measurement system  EE300 Series includes EE300 sensor and RCU central controller or MMS-TL PC software.


Mes electro-mesd electro-type continuous level measurement system The EE300 Series is a flexible inventory system that can include only EE300 variables or may include a central controller (RCU) or management software PC Software. EE300 is a meSD level sensor with heavy berries and generation cables 3rd weight sensor covers, grade stainless steel cables distance measurement component, position detection sensor and electrical components child. EE300 mesasurable continuous level measurement system detects the state of the turn the weight and measure the gap in the barrel throughout the measurement cycle. At the beginning of a measurement cycle, the sensor weight and cable system are lowered in the vessel until the sensor weight comes into contact with the material surface, which is detected by the position sensor system, the sensor weight and the the cable is raised and returns to the Position boot socket. When the cycle is measured complete, all outputs and data of the EE300 measurable measurement system are update.


  • Micro processors control measurement and diagnostic cycles
  • Measuring range up to 30m
  • Adjust the angle
  • MODBUS standard connection, pulse output and 4~20mA
  • Three relay outputs
  • Central control and control software
  • Variety of mass sensor heads
  • No cable cutting required

Application employ

Application purpose

  • Measure gaps in silos to schedule trucks
  • Inventory tracking to ensure production schedules
  • Free space report

Application Industries

  • Application Industries
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Concrete production
  • Cement production
  • Agricultural
  • Food processing
  • Food processing
  • Chemical
  • Water/wastewater treatment

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