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EC Series Pressure Type Continuous Level Measurement Sensor

General introduction

EC Series is a line of transmits hydrostatic pressure type level using voltage technology and a bridge required by Wheatstone to measure the level of liquid in a medium and provide a similar output self-transformation.


The EC Series is a type-level transmit hydrostatic pressure to measure fluid levels in many tanks and tanks, tanks. Sensors ec series pressure type continuous level measurement composed of an electric voltage sensor and a needs wheatstone to directly measure the pressure on the membrane of the EC transmit. when the pressure that applies to the membrane, a result of the liquid level, the pressure is transmitted to Wheatstone bridge through silicone oil contained in EC felt device. clause this creates the difference of voltage, which is then amplified to create a 4~20mA variable output transformed as a result of fluid change. add furthermore, a pressure transmiter is available for pressure measurement in tanks or tubes and output a output signal of 4~20mA.


  • Completely embedded under liquid
  • Wide sensor range, wide selection
  • Measuring range up to 100m
  • 4~20mA output, 2 loop power cords
  • Pressure can be measured

Application employ

Application purpose

  • Models with extended cable lengths can measure deep areas
  • Measuring and controlling levels in tanks and tanks
  • PLC, DCS connection output
  • Measurement of pressure of gases or liquids (EC1500)
  • Application Industries

Industry application industry

  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical
  • Many other application industries

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