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EF Series Parallel Tubular Continuous Level Measurement Sensor

EF/ MEF Series are the product lines secondary tube level detection, ring pipe, branch pipe, parallel tube, known most commonly, the gauge device has a mechanical meter that displays can be equipped only for on-site view or with level switches and a electronic level transmitter at the output. The word level measuring device consists of a container tube itself that is installed on the tank, characterized by up the side connection at the the top and bottom areas of the EF/MEF pipe. EF is standard size and MEF is mini version smaller. Word level measuring devices are safer than measuring the level of glass they change replace.


EF/ MEF Series is a product line of equipment measuring the type of word that is capable of providing on-site observation, activating switches continuous output level transmits and transmits, all in one single device. they is a branch pipe type special level transmitty device installed next to the tank, containers. EF/MEFs use the floating principle of buoys and statue of a word. A float with a magnet on the inside will be inside the body (tube) branch. Pipes are attached to the tank. The level of fluid inside the pipe rises (in the direction) according to the level of liquid in the tank. Float inside the pipe rising or descending according to the substance liquid in the ur is the same. On-site observation, level switches, and sets word type level switch can be attached to the ring tube level gauge and all activated by the buoy’s inner magnet when it rises or falls in the tube. EF’s pipes have a characteristic size of 2.36 inches (60mm) and tubes of MEF has a characteristic size of 1.18 inches (30~34mm). Type level measuring devices the word is safer than the glass level gauge they replace.


  • Supports measuring range up to 5.8m
  • Safer than glass
  • Operating temperature up to 400 degrees Celsius
  • On-site observation, standard optional level switch, or high precision
  • Certificates for transportation industry

Application employ

Application purpose

  • Replace the glass type with safer word float technology
  • On-site observation function (similar to glass type)
  • Equipped with single or multi-switch
  • Display the tank or tank level and control the level without penetration.

Application Industries

  • Industrial Applications
  • Petrochemicals
  • Energy
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Steamy, boiling area
  • Many other application industries

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