Cảm biến đo mức liên tục kiểu radar dẫn hướng JTR Series

Finetek JTR Series Guided Radar Continuous Level Sensor

General introduction, description

Level measuring equipment Continuous type of guided wave is a device that measures the level of fluids and solids through used in industries. It transmits electronic pulses according to dimension iron pile cable or tube with light speed. When meeting with the surface of the object substances to measure, the pulse will reflect partly to form a bounce wave and return transmission equipment along the same line, and the height of the liquidity level can be calculate.

Level measuring equipment continuous radar guidance wave type using advanced bounce wave technology with a large range of applications that are capable of measuring with environments with low electrical constants of solids; and capable of measuring solid levels, liquid levels, and material surfaces. Product models include coaxial cables, pipes/needs, iron cables for choices customer’s, suitable for high temperature and high pressure.


  • Suitable for many measurement requirements on temperature, pressure, materials
  • Contact measurement, capable of overcoming the effects of vapor, foam, boiling
  • Output 4~20mA 2 wire, simple wiring, low power consumption
  • 128*64 LCM display, easy to adjust in place
  • Display distance, level, percent, current 4~20mA
  • Bounce wave processing technology with special algorithms can be used in many forms of working conditions
  • The bounce wave graph display function, to display waveform signals inside the tank, can be used for background noise control.
  • Language of choice: Chinese, English
  • Capable of em em em em em ema creating 4mA, 20mA signal output


  • Energy
  • Chemical
  • Cement
  • Water Treatment
  • Paper Technology
  • Steel Technology
  • Metallurgy

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