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FCMV JFR Series Radar Continuous Level Sensor

General introduction

The JFR Series is a level streaming device outdoor radar is designed for measuring changes in the level of liquids, sludge and solids in tanks, bins, silos. Works at both 10Ghz frequencies and 16 Ghz JFR radar continuous level measurement products will provide continuous measurement of not exposed to high accuracy and reliability.


JFR Series is a series of continuous leveling of outdoor radar type designed for use measure liquids and solids in tanks, barrels, silos. Continuous level reporting devices This type of radar is designed to operate in both 10Ghz and 26 Ghz frequency ranges and use FMCW radar technology (frequency constant waves). One device FMCW radar-type continuous level alarm outputs a high frequency signal important to an antenna ten towards the surface of matter. Part of the radar energy is reflected back to the surface material surface returns to the radar transmiter at a delayed interval. deed difference between frequency when transmiting signals and receiving relevant direct signals to the distance being measured by the radar level gauge. Frequency differences this number is processed by electronic components.An accurate and linear result of the measurement generated by the level gauge JFR-type continuous radar type is excellent, with a small error rate of only about ±0.197″ (5mm).


  • Contactless liquid level measurement
  • The most modern FMCW technology, good accuracy to ±0.197″ (5mm)
  • 4~20mA output, HART available
  • Power supply 24Vdc, 4 wires, 2 wires available
  • Measuring range up to 130ft (40m)
  • Water-immersion component wrapped with SUS304, SUS316 or PTFE

Application employ

Application purpose

  • Level control of pumps and process equipment
  • Accurate level measurement in barrels, tanks, silos
  • Contactless level measurement

Application Industries

  • Chemical
  • Agriculture, animal feed
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Food and drink
  • Many other application industries

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Types of Finetek Taiwan sensors
Types of Finetek Taiwan sensors

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