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Finetek EAX Series Ultrasonic Type Continuous Level Measurement Sensor

Level measurement sensor continuous type of ultrasonic transmission (ultrasonic level measurement sensor) is a level measuring device contactless, cheap and easy installation. It can be applied to all applications for both liquids and solids. The most important side of it is it very easy to install and does not have to be maintained due to its lack of moving components.


In the past the operation process, the device broadcasts a wave to the measured environment. Anti-wave radiation from the surface of the environment and move back to the device where a transformer distance calculation. The distance is based on the time interval between transmission and received by waves.

  • D = (334.1+0.6t) x T/2,
  • D = Transmission distance;
  • t = Temperature;
  • T= Transmission time.

With 4~20mA output, it can be connected plc, DSC and SCADA systems. In addition, it is also equipped with PULSE and AGC (Auto Gain Control) exclusion testing technology to ensure accuracy and precisely even in the harshest environments.


  • 4~20mA 2-wire output (completely isolated) from HART
  • Power Supply 7~30Vdc
  • IP67 Protection Level
  • Probe Material: PVDF
  • Latency detection
  • Temperature compensation
  • Play angle: 7 degrees
  • Unaffected by liquid temperature, viscosity, SG
  • Largest measuring range up to 12m

Actual images:

Introductory videos:

Fine tek ZMICROFLEX C+ Ultrasonic Level Sensor

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