Hệ thống quản lý nguyên liệu MMS-TLA

MMS-TLA Raw Material Management System

General introduction

The MMS Series is a material management product line consisting of two software packages designed to run on almost all personal computers. This includes a physical management system MMS-TL warehouse material and MMS-TLA seed temperature monitoring system.


MMS material management system includes MMS-TL and MMS-TLA software systems designed to run on personal computers multiply. MMS-TL is a material management system for use in tracking inventory of liquid containers or solid materials using a variety of technology of Aplus Finetek generator. MMS-TLA is a physical management system to monitor the temperature of the particles in the storage bin at multiple points in the barrels for particle quality management and removal of spoilage. MMS-TLA system used EST110 and EST120 particle temperature cables. MMS Document Management System Products help you connect barrel and barrel measurements to your activities, as well as the functions of the company remotely through standard Internet connections. every MMS document management system products are easy to use and support facility improvement material and production efficiency.


  • MMS-TL for use with level sensors such as EBR, EE, EG, FG and JFR
  • MMS-TLA Seed Monitoring System Used With EST110 and EST120 Particle Monitoring Cable
  • Provides graphical interface and data display
  • Industrial computers available


Entry application target

  • Improve monitoring efficiency in inventory management
  • Increase safety by automatically inventorying inventory
  • Reduce particle damage by checking particle temperature

Every application industry

  • Plastic processing
  • Concrete and cement production
  • Agriculture, grain reserves
  • Many other industries

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