Bộ điều khiển nhiệt độ PT Series PID Plus Fuzzy

PT Series PID Plus Fuzzy Temperature Controller

General Introduction + Description

Controller The 76 series programming temperature is FineTek’s premium controller. Equipped similar processor core processor / 14-bit number and FUZZY processor and improvements PID, controller capable of fast and accurate implementation with remarkable results rely. Two rows of a 4-digit display that in which the current value and price are (except PT7610), which allows user-friendly reading and in combination with 3 buttons work, it makes controller control very convenient.
The 53 Series programmed temperature controller is the mid-range controller of FineTek. It uses a 12bit analog/digital core processor for high performance and provide reliable and stable results. Two rows of 3 digits LED display for clear and simple read outs of the current value and set value. Executive by 4 platform buttons and users have ease of use and body user interface good


Pt 7 Series

  • On/Off, PID+ dimming control
  • Power transfer 85~265 Vac or 18~36 Vdc
  • Auto-adjust, high precision
  • Error alarm
  • Protection key for the same parameters
  • Heating / Cooling Two Way Controller
  • Multi-input signal function
  • Furnace rupture detected
  • RS485 ModBus Communication
  • Size: 48(W)H48(H),96H48,48H96,72H72,96H96mm

Pt 5 Series

  • On/Off, PID control
  • 85~265 Vac Switch power supply
  • Auto-adjust, high precision
  • Error alarm
  • Heating / Cooling Two Way Controller
  • Compensation Input -99~999BC
  • 10~100 times digit filter
  • Installation distance -99~999°C
  • Size: 48(W)H48(H),96H48,48H96,72H72,196H96mm

Application employ

  • Laboratory machinery, industrial boiler machinery, shoe making machine, security center automation equipment, semiconductor, automation process factory, textile dyeing machinery, HVAC/R, Panel equipment, Dryer for resretable materials, ovens, CNC discharge machines… etc.

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