Finetek TX10 Series Safety Barrier

General introduction, description

Safety Isolater all power transmit devices in hazardous areas and transmit isolated current to a safe area. Maximum input 0~20mA can be convert to various analog outputs, such as 0~20mA/4~20mA / 0 ~ 5V / 0 ~ 10V.


  • 1 current input port to connect to continuous current or current output product. Applies to hazardous areas.
  • 3 output ports – relay output, current output, and RS-485.
  • LED indicator, user-friendly.
  • DIP converter for functional selection.
  • Internal programming according to customer standards.
  • Self-check the function to monitor system functionality.
  • Set the relay output as an alarm for the optional external sensor device connection.
  • The RS-485 interface option allows for easy system configuration and current data provisioning.
  • Product design in accordance with explosion-resistant standards.

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