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Warom BDD81-A100X Explosion-proof Lights for Ships

Warom BDD81-A100X explosion prevention lights for ships or areas at risk of fire and gas and dust. Have enough registration certificates, explosion prevention, CO, CQ by Maker

Warom BDD81-A100X explosion-proof lamp specifications for seagoing vessels

  • Suitable explosion room standard: CELELEC-IEC-NEC
  • Suitable for areas: Zone 1, Zone 2 (Risk of fire and explosion); Zone 21, Zone 22 (Fire dust risk) and equivalent subgroups
  • Suitable for all types of bulbs: Incandescent bulbs: 25W, 40W, 60W, 100W; Energy Saving Lamp: 9W, 11W and LED: 7W, 10W, 12W
Explosion-room light code options

General code: BDD81

  • A: Incandescent shadow
  • ESL: Saving Ball
  • LED: LED Ball
  • G: Hang the connection box
  • X: Hanging ceiling
  • H: Mobile
Types of warom BDD81 explosion-proof lamp installations
Types of warom BDD81 explosion-proof lamp installations
BDD81 Lamp Specifications Table
BDD81 Lamp Specifications Table

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