Cảm biến báo mức kiểu phao dây FACC05

Actual image of Finetek Cable Float level switch

General description:

The cable float level gauge switch is made from chemical-resistant polypropylene. It has high durability, cheapness, and is specially designed to support wide strips with multiple level detection points in liquids. It is also suitable for other pump storage tanks.

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  • FAC: Suitable for control pump systems
  • FAR/P/D/E: Suitable for wastewater control pump systems with a specific low proportion (SG level).
  • FAS: Applications with high temperatures
  • FAL/J: Clean water applications.
  • It is recommended to apply the type of chicken tongue switch in plc or DCS control application.

Cable float level switch option:

Code Cradle box type Float material type Number of buoys / wires Wire Material Number of heavy fruits Fixed wire material length
Fb A: Aluminum: Use high temperature
B: Plastic: Use corrosion resistance
C: P.P. (f90x110 Neoprene cable)
R: P.P. (f70x108 Neoprene cable)
S: SUS (f75x120 Silicon cable)
D: PVC (f70x108 Neoprene cable)
E: PVC (f70x108 PVC cable)
P: P.P. (f70x108 PVC cable)
L: P.P. (f29x145 PVC cable)
M: P.P. (f29x145 Neoprene cable)
G: P.P. (f29x145 PVC cable)
H: P.P. (f29x145 Neoprene cable)
J: P.P. (f29x145 PVC cable)
K: P.P. (f29x145 Neoprene cable)
1~4 C: P.P.  
S: SUS304
P: PP f28x106
1~4 S: Stainless
N: Nylon
(unit: mm)

Actual image of wire float switch:

FACC05 Cable float / Float Wire Alarm Level
FACC05 Cable float / Float Wire Alarm Level
Finetek Wire Buoy Level Gauge

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