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Introducing Finetek Tuning Fork vibration level measuring device

General introduction:

  • Tuning Fork is a level signaling device with a wide range of applications, from liquid level alarms, sludge-shaped substances, to solid oils, powdered solids, sand …
  • The principle of operation of the sensor is based on the change in the frequency of vibration applied when the probe is in contact with a liquid or solid.

Application field:

  • Most grain and powder materials can be measured by this sensor line such as coffee, milk, coal, chocolate, sugar, salt, cereals, plastic, cement, sludge level …
  • Common areas of use:
solid solid liquid
Powdered Milk Frozen French Fries Sugar Candy Coffee Beans Coffee Powder Tea Salt Powder Powder Casting Industry Spices

Fuel Balls
Tobacco Wood Chips

Stearin Powder
Cellulo Granules

Granules Clay Powder
Foam Soda

Soot Dry
Water &
Solution General Solvents
Petroleum Heavy Oil

Corrosive Liquid
Ink Cream Beverages and


To configure some standard applied vibration sensors:


  • + SC: Type of sensor to measure the level of vibration – Tuning Fork
  • + AAAA: Type includes

=1400: Standard type

=1410: Type 2 extreme expansion

=1420: Model 2 extreme expansion further

=1540: Corrosion resistant type

=1600: Cleaning and medical use

=1740: Standard air defense

=1741: Explosion-room type with 2 expansion poles

=3400: Standard all-in-one

=3410: 2-pole extended standard all-in-one

=3420: 2-pole standard multi-function model expands further

=3440: Corrosion-resistant multi-function type

=3450: Multifunctional type for hygiene and medical use

=3800: Mini type all-in-one

  • + B: Power supply and output: 20~250Vac/ Vdc, 50/60Hz

=R: Relay O/P-EuroType

=N: EuroType SSR (MOSFET)

=Q: Relay O/P x 2 -EuroType

=M: SSR (MOSFET) x 2 –EuroType

  • + C: Materials

=0: SUS304

=6: SUS316

=L: SUS316L

+ D: Installation size (Flange or thread) + E: Flange or threaded parameters
=E—1-1/2″ (40A)
=G—2-2 1/2″ (65A)
=I—4″ (100A)

=X—PN 16
=Y—PN 25
=Z—PN 40
  • + FFFF: Measuring head length

=0500: below 500mm

=1000: 501~1000mm

=1500: 1001~1500mm

Actual image of SC1400R+ sound vibration level alarm sensor

Vibration Level Sensor - Finetek Tuning fork
Vibration Level Sensor – Finetek Tuning fork
Inside sensors, connection piles and sensitivity correction
Inside finetek vibration type sensor
Finetek Tuning Fork Vibration Level Measuring Device

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