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Introduction of Float level gauge from Finetek Float level switch – Model F(C)D

General introduction:

  • Finetek’s magnetic float level switch is one of the simple, pure M.E. level measuring devices with very high optional capabilities, so it is suitable for a variety of liquid level measurement applications from water level measurement, chemical solution level to petroleum level measurement.
  • Due to the option of manufacturing as many different materials such as stainless steel, PP, PVDF and surpassing many standards such as corrosion resistance, explosion prevention, marine standards, this line of alarm sensors is used in a variety of fields such as in industrial lines , wastewater treatment, petroleum industry, ships …

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Detailed introduction of Finetek Level Alarm Switch:

  • Principle of level switch operation: The float runs vertically on the measuring axis of the level sensor, when the buoy runs to the contact position fixed on the measuring pile, the permanent magnet in the buoy will change the state of the contact leading to the conversion of the mechanical signal into the form of an electrical signal.
  • With diverse applications and fields, finetek level alarm switch allows users the option to almost completely configure the float. To build an order code, the user can perform the configuration according to the following principle:
  1. Sensor type: select FD for metal type sensor, FC with plastic material sensor
  2. Connection box: Optional aluminum, stainless steel, small, explosion-proof or corrosion resistant
  3. Float pile: Depending on the solvent to measure and the length of the float pile, users can choose the type of stainless steel, PP or PVDF resin pile
  4. Connection type: Flange or threading styles can be optional
  5. Buoy type: Similar to float piles, buoys and direct contact with fluids, it is recommended to choose a float suitable chemically, proportional to that solution.
  6. Number of buoys: On demand
  7. Buoy pile length: Depends on the measuring position
  8. Contact type: NO, NC type or including NO – NC or multiple contacts for 1 float
  9. There are also some options such as labels, float test piles …
Buoy-type sensor from FC series finetek
Buoy-type sensor from FC series finetek
Multi-point buoy level sensor
Multi-point buoy level sensor

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