Cảm biến phao từ FD7DEM3S241000C 

Finetek Sensor – Magnetic Float Level sensor FD7 series


To choose a sensor: Select the sensor from top to bottom; First choose the type of sensor (Explosion room, heat resistance, aluminum, plastic) > choose the size of the connection box and connection box material > Choose how to connect the flange or thread and how much > Choose the pile size and pile material > Choose the buoy size, float material, buoy density, and number of buoys > Choose the buoy length and contact type (Usually close, usually open or dual contact)

Technical parameters:

  • SPHER: FD7DEM3S241000C Explosion-proof type
  • D: Connection box type
  • EM: Spades 1-1/2″ 5kgf
  • 3: Non-9.5 SUS pile
  • S2: Float 41x38x11
  • 4: 4 floats
  • Length 832mm

Video introduces Finetek FD7 explosion-proof sensor

Finetek Sensor – Float Level Alarm from FD7 [EN: Finetek – Float level sensor]

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by TES Industry

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