About Finetek #1: Introducing Finetek Taiwan

FineTek Group was founded in 1979, headquartered in Taiwan and owns many overseas subsidiaries to serve global customers. We use our own brand “FineTek” for the global sales market, more than 60% of the custom level sensor orders are manufactured on our line and all on the R&D platform is our own technology. Currently, Finetek is a leading manufacturer for automated process equipment, measurement solution level, flow measurement, wireless communication technology and automation control system.

Taiwan FineTek Sensor Group
Taiwan FineTek Sensor Group

International Certificates

  • All products have achieved international safety certification and type approval
  • All products designed and quality according to IEC international standards
  • All products undergo electrical, mechanical and environmental tests and are suitable to meet the complex needs of the process automation industry
  • ISO9001 globally recognized quality management and certification
  • United States – ASME. UL, ABS (Type approval in the field of ships)
  • Europe – VDE (Germany), ATEX (Detonation Certificate), GL (German Maritime Certification), DNV (Denmark Maritime Certification), BV (French Maritime Certification), Lloyds Register (UK Maritime Certification), CE (European Certification) China – NEPSI (China Explosion Prevention Certification), CCC (China)

Applications in industries

  • Our products and solutions cover a wide range of applications for different industries:
  • Electrical and electronics industry, semiconductors, power plants
  • Machinery, automation control
  • Petroleum, petrochemical, mining, iron and steel, cement
  • Environmental protection, water and wastewater treatment
  • Food & Beverage, Agriculture and Fodder
  • Shipbuilding and marine industries
  • Plastic industry
  • Medicines and pharmaceuticals

Market strengths

The headquarters is in Taiwan, and plays our central role for global research and product development. We own six branch offices and five service centers in China.

For the international market, we established several subsidiaries in Singapore, Frankfurt (Germany), Los Angeles and Sterling (USA). These branch offices provide international customers with the advantage of better supply time and technical support.

Our Group grows to generate company profits each year and the global growth strategy is to actively expand its overseas business and meet international market needs by gaining a scale advantage.

In order to meet our global business objectives, we will continue to establish branch offices, technical service centers and assembly plants overseas. This will also assist our customers to receive the most technical support and competitive prices.

Production advantages

We have two manufacturing and assembly factories in Taiwan, one is in Tu-Cheng Industrial Park and one is located in Yilian to supply all major components and products to Taiwan and foreign customers.

Meanwhile, we have a complete level alarm equipment assembly factory located in Shanghai, and only supply products to customer base in China. To commit delivery schedules to customer orders, we use a large percentage of self-development processes, ERP systems, and invoice control barcodes to manage our process control.

Most of our customers require a small customization and variety of OEM/ODM orders delivered quickly. Currently more than 60% of our sales revenue comes from custom orders. In order to meet important international safety certifications, we have established a quality center and testing laboratory.

R&D Strengths

Headquartered in Taipei is leading our company’s technology research and development. Currently, we hold more than 100 international patents and various product certifications. The R&;D team has professional expertise in software, hardware, digital, analogues, optics, electrical, mechanical design, thermal analysis/durability analysis, mold design, high precision and vacuum welding along with system integration software, etc. The main technologies are focusing on the development of level alarm sensors, industrial safety modules, electronic circuit design, high frequency RF module development, design and development of micro-precision components and system integrated design.

Always creative, always looking for customer satisfaction, profit sharing is the concept in our business management. In the trend of “Internet of Thing” and Industrial 4.0, we will continue to contribute our efforts to develop Smart Industry sensors to meet all customization needs in the process of industrial automation.

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