Finetek sensors for shipbuilding

The list of suitable sensors in the field of ships, issued with certificates of DNV, LR, BV and ABS includes:

FD Magnetic Float Level Switch / Magnetic Buoy Type Alarm Sensor Series: The chicken tongue switch is based on two basic physical principles: Floating and feminine forces. The buoyanc floating force (including a magnet) will rise as the liquid rises and magnets help open and close the switches. When increasing the level of liquid and pushing the float up, the magnet ring in the float (sealed in the floats) moves near the switch in the sensor body. The magnets suck the chicken tongue circuits together and make it in contact, the circuit is closed. When the magnet moves away from the switch, that contact is released and the switch reopens.

  • Feature:
    • Multi-point measurement possible
    • Corrosion resistance
    • No fuel consumption when in standby mode
    • Easy installation. airtightness.
    • Stable operation. Measurement results are not affected by impurities.

FF Side Mounting Float Switch / Line of rib-mounted float level alarms: The same principle of float from above.

  • Feature:
    • SS304 or SS316 Stainless Steel Structure
    • Flange options possible
    • There are different types of floats for liquids
    • IP65 Protection Level
    • Reed switch or Micro switch can be selected
    • Can withstand temperatures above 100°C
    • Explosion room type options available

FG Magnetic Float Level Sensor, see details at: Float level sensor from FG series

By-Pass Level Transmitter, see details at: EF Series Water Pipe Level Sensor

Finetek level alarm sensor for shipbuilding


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