Cảm biến lưu lượng kiểu điện từ EPD hãng Finetek

Introducing Finetek EPD Type Electrolysed Flow Sensor

The electromagnetic flow meter (EPD) is a high-precision flow sensor manufactured on the basis of the world’s most advanced technology. It is widely used in paper manufacturing industry, chemistry, metallurgy, drainage, wastewater treatment, high pressure liquid, medical, food and environmental protection. It is also used to measure non-infective liquids and plasma in closed tubes.

Finetek EPD Electric Flow Sensor
Finetek EPD Electric Flow Sensor


It affects environmental issues. It can be widely applied in conductive liquids that can contain fiber, solid granules and suspended substances. Wide measuring range and high efficiency. The turndown ratio of the wide measurement can reach 1:100, which can be set randomly and achieves high accuracy for small flow measurements. Many self-diagnostic functions. Intelligent self-detection and self-guessing function, as well as various alarms Low installation costs. It is easy to install with low requirements for straight pipe parts [Trước 5D và phía sau 2D (2 lần đường kính ống)]


Wastewater Treatment Water Purifier Water Drainage Modun Marine Water Purifier Solar Dyeing Machine and PCB Board Manufacturing Food Pharmaceutical Machine

Installation model:

  • Model: EPD34 DN80 (remote type)
  • Industry: Breweries
  • Medium: 70% water, 30% alcohol
Image mounted at the scene of EPD flow sensor
Image mounted at the scene of EPD flow sensor


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