Cảm biến lưu lượng điện từ EPD Series

Finetek EPD Series Electromagnetic Flow meter

General introduction

Finetek’s soy-flow sensor (EPD) has surpassed through important tests and tests over a period of 6 months. Gauges Finetek’s EPD traffic has now been LNE of France (one of the OIML’s head) approved to become the first flow meter in Taiwan to receive OIML-issued R49 certification. This certificate is also a certificate received first for the soy flow sensor in Asia.


EPD30 Series Soy Current Measurement Sensor Supplied wide range of applications, electrolys and sizes suitable in industries industry to meet the needs of applications with demanding processes in areas as diverse as chemicals, electricity, oil and gas and metals and mining. The powerful transmitr is easy to use and provides responsive output signals your needs. With the EPD30, you will get a flexible flow meter reasonable price, suitable for your applications. A functional flowmeter basic functions, short distribution and a simple and easy-to-understand document.


  • The measurement hardly depends on density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductive properties.
  • Two measurement points inside the tube and no moving parts to avoid pressure losses and pipe blockages.
  • Conducting fluids and liquids with low solid content can also be measured.
  • Simple pipe design: straight area of pipe to require 5D upstream and downstream 2D installation.
  • With the self-diagnostic function to check for chemical signals, hollow tubes and contaminated electrolyses.

Technical Specifications

  • Accuracy: 0.3%, 0.5%, 1.0%
  • Flow range: 0.1~10 m/s
  • Output: 4-20mA / 700Ω
  • Pulse output: NPN/200mA/32Vdc max.
  • Alarm output: Max NPN/50mA/32Vdc
  • RS-485 Modbus Communication Interface

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