Cảm biến lưu lượng kiểu vòng bánh xoay EPR Series

Finetek EPR Series Paddle Wheel Type Flow Sensor

General introduction

Ring-style flowmeter mainly uses the principle the basics of the rotating blades to measure the flow. This is mainly located between the leaf blade and the calculation feature of the leaf blades. In the structural design of the product, the leaf blade needs must be able to fully meet the linear velocity change from 0~10m/s. tolerate its ants to shrink the design size. Within the required range of dynamic, it is not created a complete mutation that leads to a decrease in speed.
The sensor requires actual measurement to get a real flow signal. Remove pictures enjoy, axial friction error and leaf blade resistance error… Calculates the read value K. The company’s flow testing equipment, which can check the sensor diameter from 10mm~300mm.


  • LCM 128*64 display, convenient for manipulating and understanding the control state
  • Export to SSR MOSFET
  • Analog output 4~20mA
  • Wide voltage range
  • Cumulative Storage Cumulative Flow (FRAM) (Random Access Memory)
  • RS485 Modbus Communication Interface
  • Separate displays and sensors


  • Food production
  • Beverage production
  • Water Treatment Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dyeing and finishing industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Process control
  • Flow about 0~10m/sec, accuracy 1.0% F.S.

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