Thước lấy mẫu kín khí HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem

HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem Gastight Sampler

The HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem airtight sampling ruler is a liquid sampling ruler used to sample chemicals or any liquids. The sampling bucket has a capacity of 0.5L. The recommended type of gasket is FFKM which is highly resistant to petroleum and chemicals.

HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem Characteristics and Applications

  • Help transfer sample fluid from the sample container to the laboratory sample bottle, using the pressure pump in the upper chamber of the sampling ruler
  • Suitable for sampling liquids as high or low viscosity chemical solvents.
  • When there is a sampling request representing a safe on board.
  • When required not to release gas in the cargo cellar during sampling (Airtight sampling).
  • When it is required to take various types of samples: point samples, upper layer samples, running samples, bottom samples.
  • When on board use type 2 airtight valves”.

HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem Airtight Sampling Ruler Specifications

  • Tape measured wire length: up to 35 m.
  • Unit of measurement on the ruler wire: metric system.
  • The smallest division value on the ruler wire: 1 mm.
  • Accuracy of tape measure: +/- 6.3 mm / 30 m.
  • Specific volume of liquid: 8 kg/dm3.
  • Liquid temperature: -20 oC to 80 oC.
  • Connector: Q2.
  • Weight: 5.6 kg.
  • Dimensions: 801 x 118 mm.
  • Type of sampling can be used: point sample, upper layer sample, running sample, bottom sample.
  • Sample container capacity: 0.5.


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HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem Airtight Sampler
HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem Airtight Sampler

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