Ống lấy mẫu khí trơ trong hầm hàng tàu dầu T2000-TOS-01

Tanktech T2000-TOS-01 Inert gas sampling tube in Cargo hold of oil tanker

Inert gas sampling tubes in tanktech T2000-TOS-01 tankers are used to take inert gas samples, put into oxygen gas detectors for testing of oxygen concentrations in inert gases in cargo bunkers on tankers, chemicals, used in combination with Tanktech airtight valves and gas sampling equipment, preventing leakage of gas in the cargo tunnel into outer space.

In accordance with IMO regulations on pollution prevention and safety for oil tankers 1978 – Resolution A. 446 (XI), 6.6: before cleaning the safe, oxygen concentration must be measured at the point 1 meter from the deck floor and the point of space between the safe and the oxygen concentration at these points must not exceed 8%.

Inert gas sampling equipment in Tanktech T2000-TOS-01 cargo hold is widely used on chemical tankers, crude oil tankers, petroleum products, offshore vessels …

Parameters of inert gas sampling pipes in the tanker tunnel T2000-TOS-01

  • Pipe diameter: 8 (outer diameter) / 6 (in diameter)
  • Tube length: 35 mm
  • Connector: PF 2 1/4″ (used with TVC-02 stop valve)

Inert Gas Sampling Hose / Adaptor for oxygen and flammable gas concentration measuring in Tanktech Chart

Handheld gas detector, used to measure oxygen gas in inert gas cargo hold
Inert gas sampling tube in the T2000-TOS-01 oil tanker
Inert gas sampling tube in the T2000-TOS-01 oil tanker

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