Thước lấy mẫu MMC loại Restricted D2562-1TD

MMC USA sampling ruler, Restricted type (Open and limited)

MMC USA sampling ruler, Restricted type is designed to suit most types of MMC stop valves. Each sampling ruler consists of a ruler with a head hook, a 1/2-liter sampling tank, and a copper berries according to API standards.

Specialized rulers for hand sampling, level measurement or drying of the bottom of the cargo cellar. Similar to a closed type sampling ruler, the limited-type sampling ruler can be fitted to most MMC blocking valves, conduct sampling inside the tank, then close the valve, remove the ruler from the valve, and use your hands to pour the sample into the container. The ruler can be transferred to the level measurement function or check the dryness of the container by attaching the berries to the end of the ruler wire.

MMC USA sampling ruler specifications, Restricted type (Open and limited)

  • Accuracy: of tape measure: +/- 1/8inch (3mm), +/- 0.01% of the entire scale.
  • Application: limited sampling “R”, with type 1, 1/2 and 1/3 liter sampling tanks when inserting the ruler into the MMC stop valve.
  • Tape measured wire length: Plastic-coated stainless steel wire: 50 ft./15m, 75 ft./22.5m, 100 ft./30m, 120 ft./37m.
  • Volume (sample container not calculated):
    • Type 100 ft./30m (for 1 liter sample container): 9 lbs. (4.1 kg).
    • Type 100 ft./30m (for 1/2-liter sample container): 10 lbs. (4.5 kg).
  • Normal mass: 14 lbs. (6.4 kg).
  • Pressure limit:
    • Working pressure: 3 psi
    • Maximum pressure: 7.5 psi

See more airtight sampling rulers of MMC Asia, made in Japan: Here. See more products on MMC Website here

Flexi-Dip RESTRICTED Sampling Tape Systems (Minimal Gas Leakage)

Flexi-Dip Restricted Sampling Tape systems are available for use with MMC’s various vapor-control valves. Each Flexi-Dip Sampling Tape comes complete with tape with snap hook, 1/2 liter sampler and Std. API brass bob.Restricted tapes are designed for manual sample collection, sounding and tank bottom dryness checking. Similar to the FIPS system, once the Restricted sampling unit is attached to any existing MMC vapor-control valve, it can extract a sample in place but then requires valve closure, removal from the valve and manual dumping of the collected product. Standard sounding and tank bottom dryness checks can also be performed.

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