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HERMetic Onecal Temperature Measuring Equipment for Oil / Chemical tanks

HERMetic Onecal Thermometer for Marine Applications is a device that measures the temperature of a number display, high accuracy, used to measure the temperature of liquids contained in the bunker, safes contained in dangerous environment Zone 0.  

FEATURES HERMetic Onecal Thermometer for Marine Applications

  • Measuring heads, cables, displays are easily replaceable, without the need for specialized tools.
  • Calibration is carried out with only 1 ice point without transferring the equipment to the laboratory for calibration, nor the use of a standard thermometer. UTI HERMetic Ruler Calibration Varieties
  • The exquisite box case design makes it easy, sturdy and safe to collect measuring cables.
  • By counting the number of wire loops, it is easy to determine the length of the cable dropped into the safe: 1 ring = 2 feet; 3 rings = 2 m.

Parameters of hermetic onecal cargo ship / chemical bunker temperature measuring equipment

  • Scale: -40 oC to 163 oC.
  • Resolution: 0.1 oC or 0.01 oC (optional).
  • Unit of measurement: oC or oF.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.25 oC (-40 oC to -30 oC)
  • +/- 0.1 oC (-30 oC to 100 oC)
  • +/- 0.25 oC (100 oC to 163 oC)
  • Display: LCD, 8 characters.
  • Power supply: 9V battery.
  • Automatically power off after 10 minutes (battery saving).
  • Dimensions: L x B x H = 336 x 202 x 94 mm.
  • Measuring head size/material: 16 mm (diameter) / 150 mm (length) / stainless steel.
  • Temperature sensor type: PT 100
  • Measuring cable length: 2 m / 15.2 m / 22.8 m / 33.5 m.
  • Measuring cable material: Teflon FEP upholstery.

HERMetic Onecal Thermometer, What Is It?

Honeywell Tanksystem’s Onecal has been designed with users’ needs in mind. The cable, sensor and electronic display unit components can be changed without special tools or soldering. Recalibration is achieved by a simple ice point check that is easy to carry out without sending the unit to a laboratory, and without the need for a reference thermometer. Only the annual calibration verification, required by national standards, has to be performed against certified traceable reference thermometers. This translates into significant savings in transportation and repair costs, and a high degree of operational readiness. Accurate temperature measurement is very important for volume calculation. This has been recognized by the international ISO 4268 standard (2000) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (MPMS) Chapter 7 (2001). Honeywell’s Onecal helps users measure temperature accurately for spot-on volume calculations.

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HERMetic Onecal Thermometer Measurement Operation
HERMetic Onecal Thermometer Measurement Operation

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