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Tanktech NPM-40 Portable Tank Washing Equipment

Tanktech NPM-40 / Non-programmable Twin Nozzle Tank Cleaning Machine (Tanktech NPM Series)

> Introduction: NPM-40 and NPM-50 are used for tankers carrying oils, chemical tankers, even crude oil tankers. To choose the right type of washing head to use, it is necessary to accurately determine the specifications such as: pump capacity, how many wash heads at the same time, the size of the bunker, water flow …

> Operation: The safe wash head automatically spins horizontally with the pressure of the washing water, while the 2 washes also rotate vertically, the total angle of rotation of 360 degrees will automatically rinse the cargo cellar.

Tanktech NPM-40 Portable Tanktech Safe / Cellar Equipment Specifications

MaterialsStainless Steel 316L, Teflon, Peek etc.
Operating PressureRange5~12 kg/cm2
5~12 kg/cm290°(194°F)
Lubrication & CoolingBoth lubrication and cooling by cleaning fluid
ConnectionOn request(Flange or Coupling)
WeightAbout 7kg

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