Thước kiểm tra độ khô đáy hầm hàng Tanktech T2000-TLS-01

Tanktech T2000-TLS-01 Tank Bottom Dryness Test tape

Tanktech T2000-TLS-01 dryness test ruler is used to check the dryness of the bottom of the cargo tank on the oil and chemical vessel after completing the cargo return pump or after cleaning the safe.

According to regulations on pollution prevention and safety of oil vessels, vehicles such as level measuring equipment, handheld level measuring equipment, cargo dredging systems … need to be equipped to check that the bottom of the safe is dry after cleaning the safe. Suitable measuring devices must be installed in the rear position of the safe and in three appropriate locations.

Tanktech cargo bottom dryness test ruler is widely used on chemical tankers, crude oil tankers, petroleum products, offshore vessels …

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Tanktech T2000-TLS-01 Basement Bottom Dryness Test Specifications

  • Tape measured wire length: 50 m
  • Unit of measurement: metric
  • The smallest split of the ruler wire: 1 mm
  • Connector: PF 2 – 1/4″
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Dimension: H x W x T = 800 x 310 x 90 mm
  • Ruler can be used with TVC-01/02/04 airtight valve

Tank bottom Liquid and Sediments checking device

Tanktech T2000-TLS-01 Basement Bottom Dryness Test Ruler
Tanktech T2000-TLS-01 Basement Bottom Dryness Test Ruler

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