Đồng hồ đo áp suất khí trơ hầm hàng Tanktech T2000-TPG-01

Tanktech T2000-TPG-01 Inert Gas Pressure Gauge

Tanktech T2000-TPG-01 inert gas pressure gauge is attached to the top of the airtight valve, used to measure inert gas pressure in closed cargo bunkers on ships carrying petroleum and chemical products.

Inert gas pressure gauges are widely used on chemical tankers, crude oil tankers, petroleum products, offshore vessels … (Ships over 20,000 DWT equipped with Inner Gas system)

Tanktech T2000-TPG-01 Inert Gas Pressure Gauge Specifications

  • Served with TVC-02 stop valve
  • Scale: from -1000 to 3000 mmH2O
  • Accuracy: 1.5% of the entire scale
  • Connector: PF 2-1/4″

Tanktech Inner Gas pressure gauge in Tanktech Chart


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