Hệ thống báo động cao/ đầy hầm hàng (9598%)

High level and overfill alarm system Model : HAI-2000 / Float type

High level and overfill alarm system Model : HAI-2000 / Float type for cargo hold (9598%)

Model : HAI-2000 / Float type

General introduction

The independent high alarm system/ full of cargo tunnels is designed to monitor the spill of goods (petroleum / chemicals) when the cargo tunnel is being made (receiving petroleum / chemicals) in accordance with USCG regulations to prevent pollution of the marine environment. We can receive sound and image alarms when the cargo bunkers receive 95% and 98% of the capacity of the bunkers.

Characteristics and features

  • Compatible with all liquids
  • Reliability, high durability, simple structure


Applicable to all cargo bunkers, tanks, petrol tanks and chemicals

Structure and principle of operation of the system

The HAI-2000 includes float-type contact sensors, control cabinets, isolaters and external alarm devices. When the liquid in the cargo function reaches the set point, the chicken tongue contact in the float moves up and down according to the level in the safe that generates the signal and the controller receives the signal and gives sound and image alarms.

Technical Specifications

The nameTechnical Specifications
Sensor typeBuoy (single/ multi-point)
The materialSensor: SUS316 / SS400 Controller
Main source110/220 VAC Controller, 60Hz
Working pressureUp to 5 bars
Temperature-20 – 150 ◦C
IP levelIP 68 (for case)
Accuracy± 10mm (optional 5mm)

System structure

High alarm system / full of cargo (9598%)
High alarm system / full of cargo (9598%)

Refer to the popular system in Vietnam

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