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Finetek Agent Authorization for TES Industry

Finetek is a manufacturer of equipment and sensors in the field of industrial automation since 1979, Finetek has its head office is Taiwan and has branches spread around the world such as China, Singapore, Germany, USA … FineTek Group maintains an annual revenue growth rate of 20-30%. Our global development strategy is to actively expand our overseas business and meet our international market needs. In order to meet our global business objectives, we will continue to establish branch offices, technical service centers and assembly plants overseas.

Finetek Res agent authorization

Finetek Agent Authorization for TES Industry

Finetek’s Agent Authorization for TES Industry aims to help customers in Vietnam get faster and more affordable technical support.

FineTek specializes in providing complete device solutions in the following areas:

  • Production and control equipment
  • Design and manufacture of all kinds of sensors
  • Rada Parts Supply
  • Design communication modules
  • Level alarm controller
  • Other electrical control equipment

Industrial Applications

  • Finetek products and solutions have a wide range of applications for different industries:
  • Electrical and electronics industries, semiconductors, power plants
  • Machinery, photoees, automation control
  • Oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, iron, steel, cement
  • Environmental protection, water and wastewater treatment
  • Food & Beverage, Agriculture and Fodder
  • Shipbuilding and marine industries
  • Plastics of all kinds
  • Medicines and pharmaceuticals

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