Honeywell Analytics Formation History

Honeywell Analytics is a member of the Honeywell Life Safety Division. The company has started successful business operations as J&S Seiger Ltd. The company was unimaginable success in their field, and their activity began to grow. After several acquisitions and mergers, J&S Seiger Ltd became Zellweger Analytics which eventually became Honeywell Analytics. Today, the company achieves global success by designing and manufacturing industrial safety equipment for a variety of work applications.

History of Honeywell Analytics

In 1959, Joshua Seiger founded the company that would soon be Honeywell Analytics. Originally, the company began to resemble a gas detector manufacturer for the shipbuilding industry. The company was eventually commissioned by Shell to develop a complete gas detection system for its operation in Gibratar. In 1980, the company entered the market for flammable gases when it was acquired by Zellweger Analytics. Over the past 20 years, the company continues to buy new firms, thereby expanding the supply market. Under Zellweger Analytics, the company created the first carbon Monoxide gas detector. In 2005, Zellweger Analytics was acquired by a well-known company called Honeywell Internatinal, Inc. It is a history of Honeywell Analytics, which has been able to build a reputation for producing reliable and efficient safety solutions.

Honeywell International, Inc.

With the acquisitions of Zellweger Analytics, Honeywell brought the company to the Life Safety Division. Honeywell is a global company with representatives all over the world. The company is widely known for closely combining advanced design and modern technology. Over the centuries, the company has built its success to become the global machine it is today. Honeywell has continued to pave the way in the fields of technology and engineering. Starting with a simple but innovative product in 1885, Honeywell International, Inc., expanded its offering and production capabilities by purchasing many other companies that specialize in industrial products.

Main products

Honeywell Analytics provides a comprehensive range of industrial safety devices. Their safety solutions offer suitable for a wide range of types of work, both large and small. Consumers can find Honeywell’s products suitable for fire industry and gas systems, handheld gas detectors, high-tech government systems, and economic solutions. Honeywell Analytics includes some main faces such as BW Technologies, Rae Systems, Biosystems … and could be even more extensive. Honeywell Analytics products include:

  • Flame detectors
  • Gas transmitters
  • Infrared gas detectors
  • Digital gas controllers
  • Air scanners
  • Docking stations

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