Công tắc dòng chảy kiểu nhiệt phân tán SP Series

SP Series Dispersed Heat Type Flow Switch

General introduction

sp Series is a heat dispersion flow switch that is a flow sensor device precisely for liquids. The principle of operation is based on heat transfer. Switches SP thermal dispersion flow is provided with a variety of output types and structures. job no moving parts make SP series a flow switch long-term value and high value.


stream SP is the heat flow switch flow flow that reacts with the fluid flow and provides the to the switch. Based on the principle of heat transfer, heat dispersion flow converter Sp consists of two temperature sensors. A reference temperature sensor and heat measurement the degree of the liquid where the heat flow conversion probe is embedded. Thermal Sensors the second degree is heated using a non-yielding power. This creates temperature difference between the two temperature sensors. When the flow rate of the substance increased liquid, cooling effect due to the substance shifting through the hot sensor. stream the more flow, the more cooling. Temperature drop between two thermal sensors shows the flow rate exceeds the user’s installation threshold. When the flow rate reduced to less cooling, which increases the temperature difference. Line Converter SP series distributed flow is available in several versions with the choice of dimension long, structured and output types to meet a wide range of application requirements..


  • No moving parts, reliable operation
  • Measurement range 1~59″/sec (150cm/s) for water; 1~118″ (300cm/s) in oil
  • Water-immersion parts can be made of 304SS, 316SS, PVDF and polypropylene materials
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 1,450psi (100bar)
  • Choice NPN/PNP, N.O. or N.C. relay, or SPDT relay for output
  • Standard length and customization
  • Available standard or high temperature models, explosion-resistant models
  • LED Indicator on Flow Status
  • Certificates for use in the marine industry


Entry destination of use

  • Active flow detection for downstream control
  • Ensure safe operation of machinery with cooling flow detection

Application Industries

  • HVAC
  • Petrochemicals
  • Energy
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical product
  • Many other industries

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