TX10 Series Isolated safety barrier

New Multifunctional Isolation Set of Finetek TX10 Intrinsic Safety Barriers

Finetek TX10 Multifunction New IsolationEr

Tx10 is the latest electronic circuit design to use a 24mA current limit, creating stability in transmitcing analog signals in the form of repeating 0~20mA, 4~20mA or 8/16mA.It is a perfect isolation communication set that can convert input current into 0~5V/ 0~10V/ 0~20mA/ 4~20mA signal forms according to industry standards to connect to PLC or any other display-control device. Finetek The TX10 constant with the “intrinsic safety” nature of the explosion room, it may limit energy or any unwanted current, so it is recommended for use in explosive environments.

The unique feature of the TX10 is the 3-pole isolation between the source, input signal and output analog signal. This peculiarity is suitable for connecting the same signal according to the protocol that transmits iteration to the controller without the signal being deformed, or the effects of industrial interference. Besides, Finetek TX10 provides RS485 number connection with dual display LEDs to help users easily manipulate and track on the scene. Single source relay output (250V/8V) can connect directly to PLC without waiting for buffering, or alternative procedure protocols.

Key features:

  • 1 single in-line signal can be converted into a current signal or applied to a high-risk area.
  • 3-state output relay, RS485 current and number and direct alarm relay
  • Easy to use with 2 LED power display and signal out status
  • Switches can be switched to select features.
  • Real-time self-diagnosis and alarm
  • Readable and loaded via RS485 protocol

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