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EB 43 – Compact, maintenance-free level sensor for HVAC

Compact level alarm sensor, maintenance-free for HVAC

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is a system technology designed on the integration of mechanical engineering, thermoeesity, fluid mechanical engineering, and heat transfer. This is a hot topic to control global warming through more efficient implementation of heat exchangeers, condensers and evaporation devices, etc. Traditional manufacturers of compressors and systems are struggling to maintain sensors that determine the discharge level of Freon’s large amounts into the environment, wasting time and costs on Recharging Freon.The FineTek EB 43 sensor, designed on the principle of RF admittance, does not include any moving parts that make this EB43 able to withstand high pressure, a wide range of temperature processes from condensation to evaporation, and high-speed brushing currents to probes compared to traditional magnetic float-type sensors.EB43 constrates with a high level of protection of IP67, military anti-vibration standard (MIL-STD-202F-201A) and compact connection box design, EB 43 RF admittance is a type of continuous level alarm sensor designed to target HVAC industries, especially in monitoring R22 appropriate reallers , R13a, R401a, R404A, R407a, R507.

It is the most compact RF admittance level sensor with high accuracy of up to ± 1% F.S. and a low temperature resistance in -40C~85C. In particular, the probes can optionally coat Telfon, PVDF, PP etc. to increase resistance to chemicals such as acids, alkalis and other corrosive substances. This is excellent equipment recommended for HVAC systems, pit pump tanks, food and pharmaceutical equipment, engine fuel, lubricant monitoring. Minimizing maintenance, EB43 will give users a great experience for the HVAC industry.

EB4301-DQ00500 Sensor Reference

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